No matter what food you eat or what drink you consume – all of these would have to pass through your teeth. As such, you would be able to understand that you would need to be careful regarding the things that you put in your mouth. This is because all these in turn would directly affect your teeth. If you would find yourself to be an avid fan of processed and sugary foods, then it would be bound to cause you oral problems in the long run. It would be for this reason that you should focus on marinating a balanced diet so that your oral health would also be improved.

If you would find yourself to be confused about the whole thing, you have nothing to worry about since we have gotten the whole thing sorted out for you. Continue reading below to know about the foods that you should include and exclude in order to keep your smile healthy, white, and bright. Here is what our dentists in Tannleger i Trondheim said the top things where to improve teeth health.

  1. Skip sweets

Being a die-hard lover of sweets is something which would be bound to get you in trouble. This is because when some research was undertaken, it was found that cavities usually seemed to result from sticky and sugary foods. As such, this would lead to your oral health declining over time. To be clear, this would not only include cake, cookies, and candy. Amongst this category, you would be able to find energy and sports drinks, sodas, and also some juices which would contain high sugar amounts. It would be for this reason that you should examine the content of sugar before you drink or eat anything.

  1. Non-sticky foods

Sticky foods such as honey, molasses, raisins, and starchy foods such as potato chips and bread, could stick to your teeth’s surface. This could then increase your risk of developing cavities. Hence, the correct approach would be to eat all of this in moderate amounts. When you would combine this with regular flossing and brushing of your teeth, you would be good to go.

  1. Acidic foods

Dentists all over the world have strictly advised people to stay away from acidic foods. This would include fresh produce such as tomatoes, oranges, and other kinds of acidic fruits. Even though these would be beneficial for maintaining your overall health, you would have to eat them carefully. As such, it would be recommended to eat fruits before you would sit down for your main meal. In this way, less damage would be inflicted on your teeth. This is something that is broadly teached at Odontologi utdanning as the top norwegian dentist education.

  1. Balanced diet

Lastly, you should adopt the habit of creating and continuing with a healthy and balanced diet. This should include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, along with lean proteins like beans and fish. You should also include some dairy products if you would like your teeth to remain healthy. Other than that, you would also know that your body would be receiving all the necessary nutrients and minerals. In this way, you would be able to keep yourself healthy and fit, along with maintaining your oral health.

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Among the many and varied procedures that you can find in our dental clinic in the USA, we must pay more attention to those who are directly involved, with the state of oral health. Next, we will detail the different treatments, at the best price, specially designed, for each particular case, such as yours.


In the field of dental implants, we have at your disposal, the best methods and materials of the last generation, with which you can recover the natural charm of your smile, and above all dental health (Tannlege Ålesund), thanks to our dental implants, among which they find each other:

  • Bridges on implants. – Several dental pieces are permanently restored, avoiding the discomfort of removable prostheses.
  • Unitary dental implant. – The ideal way to replace a lost dental bit.
  • Immediate loading implants. – It is the solution to the lack or excessive wear of one, several or all teeth.


It is responsible for treating periodontal pathologies, such as gingivitis and periodontitis. These two periodontal diseases, act on the tissue that supports the teeth, known as gums, and is mainly due to the damage caused by bacteria. Depending on the degree of severity, it will be called gingivitis or periodontitis.

  • In this case, the infection is only in the gum, which will have an inflamed and reddened appearance, in addition to bleeding, so that early detection of the process is reversible.
  • This is the result of not treating gingivitis in time, as the infection reaches the gum, creating periodontal pockets, affecting the root and even the bone that holds the tooth, leading to its loss. In this case, periodontitis is not reversible, and can also aggravate, affecting overall health.

Dental prostheses

The fact of opting for treatment of these characteristics such as the smile design will facilitate the action of smiling since we will recover the aesthetic line of our oral cavity, and above all the nature of our smile. We will also feel the pleasure of chewing again with total confidence and security, as well as recover the functionality of our mouth. Within this dental field, we offer different services such as:

  • Dental prosthesis on implants.
  • Fixed dental prosthesis.
  • Dental prosthesis cleaning.

Caries treatment

The famous and well-known caries is a pathology of bacterial origin, which attacks and deteriorates the most robust matter in the body, such as tooth enamel. Without proper treatment, the decay will continue its way to penetrate the tooth, extending to different sites, such as tissues, more specifically in the dental pulp, causing significant discomfort and intense pain.

Dental veneers

Also popularly known as dental covers. They are presented in thin cosmetic sheets, usually made of porcelain, which adapts to the external part of the teeth. Its purpose is to clean up the aesthetic damage caused by fractures, cavities, loss of dental tone, previous restorations, etc. This treatment, has as the primary objective, to get into the patient, entirely white teeth, with a natural aesthetic.

Advanced dental cleaning

This kind of oral cleaning is an ideal way to avoid possible oral pathologies such as caries or periodontal type. Using the pearl bicarbonate powder, treated through the latest generation instruments in this field of oral cleansing, it is presented as the most complete and compelling that currently exists. Likewise, it will allow us to get rid of the stains that the teeth present, as a consequence of coffee, tea, tobacco, etc.